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The technique is based on a Parallax Barrier Grid .
Compared to Lenticular Lense Stereoscopic Images,
we have the advantage that it is possible to use
the full printer Resolution, thus obtaining a Higher Quality 3D Image.

With this Software you can create High Quality 3Dimensional Images,
3D Photos and Tilt Cards using a Standard Inkjet Printer.

Watch this Video, to see it in Action:

3D Example Images as Download

Warhol Can 3D Photo
3D Rose
Size: Din A6

3D Portrait
Size: Din A4

3D Can
Size: Din A5


Click onto an Image to start downloading.

With this files you can experience the Quality on your own.

Make sure to read the included Text File.

Both Images should be printed on Inkjet Transparencies, they are attached with a spacer within a distance of 0.5mm, printed sides facing towards each other.
A more detailed Instruction can be found inside the Manual,
which can be downloaded here as well.

What you will need:

You can download the required Software and Manual in the Download Area.

System Requirements:

The Software requires a working Installation of the Graphic Software Gimp
which you will find in the Download Section as well.

The Software works under Windows, MacOSX and Linux.